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AMES d.o.o. with the general terms and conditions of registration and receipt of e-news, rights and conditions for using and managing the data of registered users.

People who sign up to receive e-news can sign up to e-news at e-Cebelar and submit their name and surname and e-mail at the time of application.

AMES d.o.o. Respects your privacy and is committed to making the data, obtained through the contact form on the website e-Cebelar, security in accordance with the applicable legislation governing the protection of personal data.

Your consent to the collection and processing of personal data

  • i agree with the general terms and conditions of registration and reception of e-news from portal e-Cebelar,
  • i allow portal e-Cebelar to establish, on the basis of the data submitted, collects, manages, uses, processes and stores my data in its collections contacts and other information about me as an e-news user in the manner and for the purposes described below,
  • i declare that I am aware that I can at any time request, that portal e-Cebelar ceases to use my personal information for direct marketing and to send information materials.

By subscribing to e-news, the user agrees to the published general terms and conditions. We will update you on the site for any changes to these general terms and conditions.

The purpose of collecting and storing data

The purpose of collecting, processing, storing and using data is to send bids, advertising material, magazines and invitations to events, telephone, writing and electronic surveying and informing about activities and offers whose organizer is AMES d.o.o.

We store personal data in computer form. After the end of the need to manage personal data, on the basis of a written cancellation of the user, the data is deleted or the data carriers are destroyed.

Unsubscribe from newsletter

The user can unsubscribe his registration to newsletter so that in the received e-newsletter clicks the link to unsubscribe by receiving newsletters. The user can unsubscribe from e-news and Deleting a contact requires a request sent by e-mail to

After the user's cancellation is confirmed, we will delete all user data from the user list.